New Home? Tips On How To Shop For The Major Appliances From Your California Home Insurance Agent

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Since the time I moved out of my parents home and into my many different apartments, one of the things I have always made sure to do was get renters insurance to protect my belongings. But next month, for the first time in my life, I will be getting a California Home Insurance policy from John E. Peakes Insurance Agency. Yes, starting next month, my boyfriend and I will officially be homeowners. This is a huge change in our lives but also a huge accomplishment for the both of us. When we get into our house, we want to make sure to protect it and all our belongings in it, which is why homeowners insurance is so important. 

Going into this new home, like most new homeowners, we are looking for new appliances that are reliable, affordable, and energy efficient. We had started our hunt for the perfect appliances, and I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, but there are so many out there I don’t know which is the best. As I searched around the Internet for reviews on brands and appliances I found this article, which I want to share with all new and potential homeowners, on how to shop for major home appliances

1. Washing Machine: it is recommended to get an energy efficient model. This will not only save you money on the appliance bills, but also are great for the environment. Another feature to look for is a spin between 1,100 and 1,200 rpms. A faster spin cycle removes more water from your laundry, which results in a shorter drying cycle. 

2. Dryer: don’t be fooled by all the bells and whistles that come on certain dryers. Options like wrinkle protection and steam functions don’t dry the clothes any better than a regular dryer, and they increase the price significantly. Most dryers, weather they are high or low end models, use the same heaters and motors so there is not need to splurge on one of these. Although it may be more difficult to find an energy saving dryer, most don’t offer this feature, finding one that has an automatic dry cycle will prevent it from running longer than it needs to. This means you won’t be wasting energy on clothes that are already dry. 

3. Oven/Stoves: stoves are basic and depend on your style preference and ovens are similar. You won’t need any fancy add ons to your oven to ensure it will work great, but if possible look for a self cleaning model. Most ovens with the self cleaning feature offer better insulation and will save your from spending money on harsh chemicals to clean the oven. 

4. Dishwasher:  when hunting for the best dishwasher, look for one that has a regular cycle, light cycle, and heavy cycle. This will help you save on water use when a full load of water is not necessary. 

5. Refrigerator: These can be one of the priciest appliance you will need for your home, but it is important to really take time to think about storage space needed. It may save you money to get a smaller model, but most likely it won’t accommodate your families needs. When refrigerators and freezers are over stuffed with food they don’t cool properly and can be less energy efficient that should be. It is said to skip the multi-temperature zones, they don’t cool your food any better, and I suggest skipping the ice maker. From my experience these tend to break more than they are used. 

Buying major appliances is a necessity when moving into a new home, but even when you get them for great deals, the total amount adds up. Protect your new appliances, your new home, and the rest of your personal belongings with California Home Insurance from John E. Peakes Insurance Agency. 

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