Prom & Graduation Just Around The Corner, Time To Use These 7 Tips To Stop Your Teen From Drinking & Driving

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We hear about it regularly, someone has died as a result of driving intoxicated, and many times these intoxicated drivers are teens. You may think that your kid would never drink and drive but Datline found that most teens do. Actually, alcohol related car crashes are the number one killer of teens, and with prom and graduation coming up, intoxicated driving could be at its high point. 

According to the Liberty Mutual/ SADD 2011 Teen Driving Report:

     – 1 in 5 teens have admitted to driving under the influence of marijuana

     – 1 in 4 teens said they would get in a car with a driver who is under the influence of marijuana or prescription drugs

     – 1 in 8 teens say being impaired by marijuana is not considered distracted driving

As your California auto insurance agency, we were shocked to see these numbers, as I am sure you are. Let’s be honest, driving while under the influence of marijuana or prescription pills is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. And they are both illegal! 

I understand that as a parent you do your best and direct your kids to making the best choices, but you are not with them 24 hours of the day, so the decisions they make can easily be influenced. And since many of us at John E. Peakes Insurance agency, your California Auto Insurance agency, are parents we know how much a good conversation can impact our kids. That is why it is important to have a conversation with your teen to help lower the chances they will drive under the influence or allow someone intoxicated to drive them. 

The following are 7 tips form Dr. Michele Borba on how to stop your teen from driving and driving.

1. Set clear rules against drinking

2. Put a no drinking and driving rule in writing

3. Form an alliance with other parents

4. Create a secret code with your teen

5. Don’t make liquor available 

6. Create a safety net for special occasions

7. Talk it through with your teen 

For the safety of your children, make sure they understand the consequences that could come from driving under the influence. Building trust with your teen can also give them confidence to call you should they need a ride. You do your best to protect your kids; important lessons and getting them California auto insurance will help keep them safe when out on the roads. So talk with your kids today and help make the roads a safer place. 

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