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  1. My CA Homeowners Insurance Can Cover That?!

    by esechrest

    We are always hearing about things that AREN’T cover by your CA insurance, but why not hear about the items, instances, and events that ARE covered by CA insurance, especially when its about CA homeowners insurance. The following are a few circumstances, that if they happened to you, your family, or your home would be covered […]

  2. Why Now Is The Time To Think About Life Insurance

    by esechrest

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    When you think of health and insurance, the word health insurance is the first thing that pops into your head. But actually, health is associated with Life Insurance. Health is one factor when it comes to life insurance and what better time to think about life insurance than right now at the beginning of the new year. […]

  3. The Little Tree Preschool

    by esechrest
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    “A place where children have FUN learning and achieving.” The Little Tree Preschool is dedicated to providing a safe, warm and stimulating environment for your child. Our small, intimate program gives your child the attention they deserve. The Little Tree Preschool uses multiple theories to provide the most positive and effective teaching styles. Ultimately, our […]

  4. Get Your Hearth Healthy In 2015

    by esechrest

    As many of you know, February is American Heart Month. The American Heart Association has been working hard over the years to spread the word about heart health and awareness. Your California Life Insurance rate depends on your health and any pre-existing conditions. If you haven’t already, no is the time to improve how you feel and […]

  5. How To Determine If You Need Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

    Many people associate Commercial Auto Insurance with business protection, but this specific type of insurance may also be necessary for individuals depending on the type of vehicle they have and how they use it. The following are a few ways to determine if you need commercial auto insurance instead of personal auto insurance. What kind […]

  6. Why You Need Business Auto Insurance

    Business Auto Insurance, also known as commercial auto insurance, is one of the most important investments you can make when it comes to owning your own business. Just like a standard business insurance policy, business auto insurance also protects your company from sever financial loss. As business owner, it is important work with your local insurance agent to make […]

  7. Protecting Your Business With A Business Owners Policy

    by esechrest

    John E. Peakes Insurance Agency is here to offer you a Business Owners Policy (BOP) at the most affordable rate. This is the best way for certain business owners to secure a business from the many risks that can threaten its success. What is a typical Business Owners Policy Include? 1. Property insurance including buildings, […]

  8. Is Your Home Based Business Covered With The Right CA Insurance?

      CA Insurance Options For Your Home Based Business There are many individuals that are conducting business operations from their home who fail to realize the importance of getting the necessary CA insurance protection. Despite what most people believe, you cannot just assume assume coverage under your homeowners insurance policy or a general business insurance […]

  9. How Much Homeowners Insurance Do I Need?

    Insurance is something most people don’t event want to think about until they actually need it most. But understanding what is and isn’t covered when it comes to your homeowners insurance policy can mean the different of being able to rebuild your home and replace your personal belongings. The first step is understanding what losses, […]

  10. CA Life Insurance And Your Retirement Plan

    by esechrest

    As you get close to the retirement age, your life insurance needs might change. Your children that used to depend on you financially may not longer be dependent or your outstanding debts, like mortgage payments, may be paid off. But that doesn’t mean you no longer need life insurance coverage. CA Life Insurance can be an important […]