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  1. Bay Area Rideshare Insurance: What To Do After An Accident While Driving For Uber or Lyft

    by esechrest

    Unfortunately, accidents do happen. And if you are a driver for Uber, Lyft or any other rideshare company then you are spending more time on the road, which means more chance an accident can occur. If you are involved in an accident while driving for your rideshare company, you will want to be prepared. Understanding […]

  2. The Benefits Of Life Insurance For Empty Nesters

    by esechrest

    Just because your children have moved out of the house, doesn’t mean you should cancel your life insurance policy. The following are the benefits of having a life insurance policy, even with an empty nest: Support Other Dependents: Children are not the only people in your lives that might be depending on your. If you have aging parents that […]

  3. Uber and Lyft Insurance That Is Right For You

    by esechrest

    Driving for Uber, Lyft, or any other rid sharing company is a great way to earn a living or just make some additional income. But did you know that these ridesharing companies you are driving for don’t provide full coverage for your vehicle if you were to get in an accident? Well don’t worry, because […]

  4. El Nino and California Flood Insurance

    by esechrest

    We have already seen the beginning of the El Nino rains and there is more to come. If you own a home, you may be under the impression that your homeowners insurance policy covers flood damage, that is not the case. Flood insurance is it’s own separate policy. And if you are like many California […]

  5. Restaurant Owners Get Peace With Restaurant Insurance

    by esechrest

    As mentioned in our previous blog about restaurant insurance, running a restaurant is challenging enough without having to worry about things like lawsuits, loss of income or property damage. Having the right restaurant insurance coverage can help reduce these worries and help you concentrate on your business and customers. Restaurants, like most other businesses, are faced […]

  6. The Basics Coverages of California Restaurant Insurance

    by esechrest

    There are so many things to think about when opening your own restaurant it get become overwhelming. And one of the most important things, although not the most fun, is insurance to protect your new restaurant. California Restaurant Insurance is one area in the restaurant business you do not want to skimp on. Insurance protects you and […]

  7. Exciting News For Uber and Lyft Drivers

    by esechrest

    Great news for California Uber and Lyft Drivers! Transportation Network Companies (TNC), like Uber and Lyft, have experienced rapid growth over the past few years as Californians embrace its convenient transportation options. And this is a great opportunity for Mercury Insurance agents, as it also means more drivers for the companies, and we are here to service all […]

  8. What Does My California Business Owner’s Policy Cover?

    California Business Owner’s policies (BOP) vary from business to business, which is why it is important for business owners to know what their specific business owner’s policy will cover. Although each BOP is tailored to the specific business, there are a few items that are covered in almost all California Business Owner’s Policy and then […]

  9. Children Home For The Holidays? Are They Covered By Your Auto Insurance?

    by esechrest

    The holidays are a wonderful time filled with presents, great food, and family. As a parent, it is so exciting when your child gets to come home to visit for the holidays. But while you are making your list of presents and goods to fill your home to make your visiting child’s stay the best […]

  10. The Difference Between Renters vs Landlord Policies

    by esechrest

    Many people are confused with the difference between Renters vs Landlord Policies. While both types of insurance policies are very important, they provide very different coverages. Understanding the difference between these two types of policies can help insurance consumers to make the right decision when choosing what type of insurance to purchase. Financial Interest One of […]