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  1. Money Saving Discounts For Your CA Homeowners Insurance

    by esechrest

    Insurance companies determine a premium for a Ca Homeowners Insurance policy based on a number of factors and the “risk” potential of the home. For instance, what type of material the home is made from, where it is located, how close to brush it is, and so on. And even though you can’t control those […]

  2. Tips For Buying California Auto Insurance

    by esechrest

    Have you been searching around for the right California Auto Insurance policy that fits your specific needs? Are you confused by all the options that are out there? The following tips will help you better understand an auto insurance policy and help you make the right decision when you purchase one. 1. Understand The Factors […]

  3. Home Renovations That Can Affect Your California Home Insurance Policy

    Dust, concrete, rock, dirt – this is what my home looks like right now as we are going through some renovations. Making improvements and remodeling your home can be rather stressful, but the outcome is sure to payoff. If you have ever made improvements to your home, then you know how much time, money, and […]

  4. Understanding Excluded Drivers and CA Auto Insurance

    by esechrest

    Auto insurance policies can be pretty broad, giving the customer different options to get more coverage, lower premium, and choose who is and isn’t going to be covered. One of the ways you can save money on your CA auto insurance policy is by excluding certain drivers. But before you decide if, and who, you want […]

  5. Breaking The Myths Around California Life Insurance

    California Life insurance is not something people think of everyday, and it is for that reason that there are often many misunderstandings about the topic. Life insurance is something nearly everyone needs, and if you don’t have it, your family can be left in a horrible mess after a tragedy strikes. The following are some of […]

  6. Did You Know We Offer Allied Insurance?

    by esechrest

    As an independent insurance agency, John E. Peakes Insurance Agency has the ability to write insurance with over 30 insurance companies, and now we have one more to offer you. We are excited to announce that we are now offering Allied Insurance, which is owned by Nationwide Insurance, to our customers. Why are we excited to […]

  7. Business Insurance: Slip and Fall Accidents

    Slip and fall accidents can occur at any place of business. Whether it is from torn carpeting, wet or greasy floor, poor lighting or narrow stairs, any customer can slip and fall injuring themselves. When any business opens their doors to the public, potential liability for a slip and fall accident also opens up. This means […]

  8. What Determines My California Homeowners Insurance Premium?

    by esechrest

    If you are a homeowner, or plan on being one in the future. You are probably familiar with the term “Homeowners Insurance”. And if you have an active policy, than you have a premium you are paying. But you might be wondering what determines the premium on your California Homeowners Insurance policy. There are a […]

  9. The Benefits Of Buying California Life Insurance Young

    California Life Insurance can be a sensitive topic for many people to think about. But the fact is, Life Insurance can be an important asset to have, no matter where you are in your life or what age you are. Although many people wait until they have a family with children to purchase a Life Insurance policy, buying one when […]

  10. Recently Tied The Knot? California Insurance Advice For Newlyweds

    by esechrest

    Getting married is an exciting time for a bride and groom, but it is also a busy and exhausting experience to plan a wedding. Thank goodness for the honeymoon, giving the newlyweds time to relax and enjoy one another. But after the honeymoon there are some really important things a newlywed couple must take care […]