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  1. What Type Of California Life Insurance Is For Me? Part 1

    When it comes time to choosing the right type of California Life Insurance that best fits your needs, the first thing you need to do is consider where you are now in your life and where you might be in the future. Today we are going to talk about Term Life Insurance and why this type […]

  2. Did You Know Your Entire Family Can Benefit From A Whole Life Insurance Policy?

    The topic of Life Insurance is a hard one for many people to discuss, which makes sense as it is most frequently associated with illness and mortality of oneself or a loved one. And although this is the case for a certain type of Life Insurance Policy, there are other types of Life Insurance policies that can […]

  3. 4 Reasons Why You Need Northern California & Bay Area Earthquake Insurance

    If you are a homeowner it is vitally important for you to protect your major investment with California homeowners Insurance, but the recent earthquake that hit in Northern California reveals why you need Earthquake Insurance. Many homeowners believe earthquake damage is covered on their standard homeowners insurance policy; however Earthquake Insurance is its own separate policy. If you […]

  4. Basic Auto & Life Insurance Terms To Help Understand Insurance Protection

    Life changing events, such as starting a family or purchasing a vehicle, mean greater responsibilities. And as you take on these responsibilities you may need to look into different types of insurance, such as auto insurance and life insurance, to help protect them. To help get you started, the agents at John E. Peakes Insurance Agency have put […]

  5. California Insurance: Do I Need California Landlord Insurance

            If you are currently a landlord or own an investment property, having the correct type of California Insurance is crucial to protect yourself, your assets and your investments. And since you are the owner of the property, it is your responsibility to consider the physical protection of the property as well […]

  6. An Insurance Tip To Save You Monday: Combining Your Home And Auto Insurance Policies

      A home and a vehicle are two major investments people make in their lives, which is why protecting them with insurance is important. At John E. Peakes Insurance Agency it is our goal to make insurance as easy and affordable as possible for our clients, which is why today I want to discuss the benefits of […]

  7. Does Your Home Based Business Need California Commercial Insurance?

    by esechrest

    In the past few years more and more businesses are being based our of the owner’s home, and even more are being added as the years continue. Many of these home business owners think their homeowner’s insurance policies cover their business needs should the unexpected happen and they need to file a claim. However, the […]

  8. California Commercial Auto Insurance And Your Business

    It is important for you and your California Business to make sure everything is covered with the right type of insurance coverage, and your business’ vehicles are no exception. Having auto coverage for your business vehicles can help insure the safety of you, your business, and your employees. If any of your staff members occasionally […]

  9. Life Insurance: Your Basic Questions Answered

              To begin, having Life Insurance is always a good idea. Even if you are young or don’t have any dependents currently, life insurance will help cover not only costs of living but for funeral or outstanding debt expenses. To help you better understand life insurance, and why it is important for […]

  10. Commercial Insurance For Construction, Landscaping and Roofing Companies

    When it comes to outdoor businesses such as construction, landscaping and roofing companies, there are some common insurance needs along the board. The basic needs are business auto, commercial property, general liability, and workers compensation insurance. And if you own a business, there is never a better time to take a closer look at your […]