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  1. Recently Tied The Knot? California Insurance Advice For Newlyweds

    by esechrest

    Getting married is an exciting time for a bride and groom, but it is also a busy and exhausting experience to plan a wedding. Thank goodness for the honeymoon, giving the newlyweds time to relax and enjoy one another. But after the honeymoon there are some really important things a newlywed couple must take care […]

  2. Ventura County Auto Insurance & Antelope Valley Auto Insurance

    Ventura County Auto Insurance & Antelope Valley Auto Insurance is one of those insurance policies you know you need. Its a scary fact, but the more time you spend on the road the more chances you have of being in an accident. It is important to know how much auto insurance coverage you have in […]

  3. In Efforts To Conserve Water, California Has Approved Fines For Water Wasters

    by esechrest

    As of Tuesday, July 15th, California water regulators voted and approved fines for water-wasting residents. The fines can be up to $500 a day for those residents who waster water on lawns, landscaping and car washing, since these water consuming activities were shown to have increased despite the drought our state is in. The fines […]

  4. California Personal Insurance VS California Business Insurance: Do You Have The Right Coverage?

    Insurance can get confusing and overwhelming when trying to get exactly what you need for the best price, that is where our agents at John E. Peakes Insurance Agency come in. We are hear to help you understand the ins and outs of insurance and well as get your the best rate for your specific […]

  5. Do your Business Need Professional Liability?

    Every California business could benefit from some form of Professional Liability insurance coverage. No matter what your business specializes in, you are open to liability for many different types of damages. In order to protect your business and your assets against claims, you need professional liability insurance. Getting this type of Commercial Insurance coverage is […]

  6. Do You Need Insurance If You Are Renting A Home?

    You may be wondering if you are renting a home if you still need to purchase Home Insurance. Because you are renting a house from a person who owns the property, you are actually not responsible to insure the home itself. The owner of the home will have their own home insurance for that. However, the […]

  7. 4th Of July Events In Ventura County and The Antelope Valley

    by esechrest

    The 4th of July is just around the corner,  which means it’s time for fun, fireworks, parades, and other great festivities throughout Ventura County. Check out the list of local 4th Of July Events In Ventura County and the Antelope Valley to find out how you and your family want to spend this 4th of July. Thousand […]

  8. California Auto Insurance: Is Your Friend Covered To Borrow Your Car?

    by esechrest

    Category: CA Auto Insurance

    You may find yourself in need of borrowing a friend’s vehicle at some point in your life, but are you covered with California Auto Insurance? Generally, California Auto Insurance coverage follows the vehicle rather than the actual driver. This means as long as the owner of the car has proper auto insurance, then you are covered […]

  9. What Is The Different Between Commercial Auto Insurance & Personal Auto Insurance?

    There are a number of steps you need to go through when starting your own business. However, many small business owners fail to consider the importance of Commercial Auto Insurance. You may think that your personal auto insurance will cover your business vehicles, but that is not case.  Commercial Auto Insurance is necessary for business vehicles to be covered. Continue reading and find out […]

  10. Find Out How Insurance Agents Can Help Cut Cots On Your Ca Business Insurance Policy

    by esechrest

    It is easy to feel lost when searching for a CA business insurance policy that fits your business’ needs. You may even feel tempted to pick the first policy that comes your way. But this decision could have you spending much more than is necessary, which is not good for  you or your business. That is where we […]