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  1. The Basics Of Workers’ Compensation Insurance In California

    by esechrest

    In California, Workers’ Compensation Insurance is mandatory for businesses to carry. However, this type of insurance can be confusing. The following is a breakdown of some of the important parts to help you have a better understanding. Workers’ Compensation insurance is a type of coverage that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees inured […]

  2. Tips For Purchasing California Business Insurance

    by esechrest

    There are no two businesses that are exactly alike. This is why buying California business insurance for your small company can be a little confusing. Finding the right policy for your business’ specific needs can be hard to do alone, you want to make sure your business is fully covered and get the best price […]

  3. 10 Types Of Gym Insurance Coverages Your Gym Business Needs

    by esechrest

    As a gym owner, your top priority is the health and well being of your clients. But do you have the right gym insurance coverage to guarantee the well being of your business? From medical accidents to falls in the weight room and broken equipment, there are many risks that come when owning your own gym. […]

  4. Why Professional Liability Insurance Is Crucial For Personal Trainers

    Your personal training business is growing fast – great! You are getting more clients and packing your schedule full. As a personal business owner there is so much to think about, getting more clients and making sure they are satisfied, it is easy to forget the important things that are protecting your business versus growing […]

  5. Do You Have The Right California Pilates Insurance?

    by esechrest

    Owning your own business comes with many benefits, but it can also come with some added stresses. And this is no different for a Pilates studio owner, which is why California Pilates Insurance is vital to your business. A Pilates studio is a great place to get in shape, strengthen, tone and increase flexibility without […]

  6. Understanding Your California Commercial Policy

    by esechrest

    For small business owners without specialized risks, a Business Owners Policy (BOP) may be the best policy for you and your business giving you the basic property and liability coverage that you need. But if you have a larger company that might face specialized risks, you maybe want to consider purchasing a Commercial Package Policy […]

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  7. Xchange Leasing and Rideshare Insurance

    by esechrest

    What is Xchange Leasing? Xchange leasing is a leasing option administered by Uber. It offers different leasing options that other leasing companies do. Xchange drivers, who participate for at least 30 days, are able to return their car with only two weeks notice and limited costs. it also allows for unlimited mileage and the option […]

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  8. 8 Questions To Ask Before Buying California Auto Insurance

    by esechrest

    Category: Auto InsuranceBlog


    When looking into purchasing California auto insurance, it is important to make sure the coverage you choose reflects your needs, priorities and your budget. You will want to work with your local agent to determine how you use your car, what risks you face and what option you want from your insurance company. The following are […]

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  9. 5 Reasons Why You Need California Earthquake Insurance

    by esechrest

    Just 6 days ago, a magnitude 4.2 earthquake was among a series of smaller tremblers that stuck the Ojai, California, area. Luckily, there were no major reports of damages or injuries as a result of the earthquake. The quakes definitely serve as a reminder to all of us that earthquake insurance is a must if […]

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  10. Restaurant Owners Get Peace With Restaurant Insurance

    by esechrest

    As mentioned in our previous blog about restaurant insurance, running a restaurant is challenging enough without having to worry about things like lawsuits, loss of income or property damage. Having the right restaurant insurance coverage can help reduce these worries and help you concentrate on your business and customers. Restaurants, like most other businesses, are faced […]

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