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  1. Commercial Insurance For Construction, Landscaping and Roofing Companies

    When it comes to outdoor businesses such as construction, landscaping and roofing companies, there are some common insurance needs along the board. The basic needs are business auto, commercial property, general liability, and workers compensation insurance. And if you own a business, there is never a better time to take a closer look at your […]

  2. Get Involved: The 30th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day

    by esechrest

    The mission of the Ventura Countywide Coalition for Coastal and Inland Waterways is to promote clean and healthier beaches, rivers and creeks throughout Ventura County.  And on Saturday, September 20th, you could be one of the many thousands of people taking part in the The 30th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day. Volunteers will work together to remove […]

  3. Your Auto Insurance Policy: Reasons For Having Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

    by esechrest

      When going over your auto insurance policy with your local agent, you will be given the option to have comprehensive and collision coverage. Although these two types coverage options are not required by the state of California on an auto insurance policy, there are many reasons our agents at John E. Peakes Insurance Agency recommend them to drivers. […]

  4. Business Insurance: How Business Owners Can Get Back To Work After An Earthquake

    by esechrest

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    Recently, a high magnitude earthquake hit the Napa Valley destroying many homes and disrupting business production. When an earthquake interrupts and/or causes damage to a business, the first thing to do is call your insurance agent or company and report the loss. As part of the process you will fill out forms and an adjuster will in inspect your […]

  5. How Life Insurance Can Benefit You, No Matter What Your Age Is

    It is a misconception that you only need life insurance if you have children, have a dangerous job or are retired. Actually, Life Insurance is something that is valuable at any age and can provide you with several benefits throughout your lifetime. Continue reading to find out the various benefits of Life Insurance for a […]

  6. You Will Wish You Had It: Uninsured Motorist Coverage On Your Auto Insurance Policy

    by esechrest

    When purchasing a Ca Auto Insurance policy, your agent will give you different liability coverage options and amounts to choose from. Generally, a basic auto insurance package includes Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability. But at John E. Peakes Insurance Agency, the minimum amount of coverage we will write an insured also includes Uninsured Motorist coverage. So […]

  7. The Potential For Risks & Why Restaurant Insurance Is Necessary To Protect Your Business

                  Running a business can be challenging, and the restaurant industry is no     exception. Restaurant owners have to worry about things like lawsuits, loss of income, or property damage. Having adequate Restaurant Insurance is important to protect you and your restaurant investment. The following are risks that you must watch out for and protect […]

  8. Buying Life Insurance? Helpful Tips To Get You Started

    by esechrest

    Life Insurance can be confusing and overwhelming for some to think about. This post from our blog archives will help you understand where to start with it comes to California Life Insurance. Buying life insurance – where do you start? Buying life insurance can be tricky if you’ve not considered it before. How much do […]

  9. Money Saving Discounts For Your CA Homeowners Insurance

    by esechrest

    Insurance companies determine a premium for a Ca Homeowners Insurance policy based on a number of factors and the “risk” potential of the home. For instance, what type of material the home is made from, where it is located, how close to brush it is, and so on. And even though you can’t control those […]

  10. Tips For Buying California Auto Insurance

    by esechrest

    Have you been searching around for the right California Auto Insurance policy that fits your specific needs? Are you confused by all the options that are out there? The following tips will help you better understand an auto insurance policy and help you make the right decision when you purchase one. 1. Understand The Factors […]