5 Reasons Why You Need California Earthquake Insurance

Just 6 days ago, a magnitude 4.2 earthquake was among a series of smaller tremblers that stuck the Ojai, California, area. Luckily, there were no major reports of damages or injuries as a result of the earthquake. The quakes definitely serve as a reminder to all of us that earthquake insurance is a must if you live in California. But if you still aren’t a believer in protecting your home from the potential harm of an earthquake, perhaps the following 5 reasons why you should consider buying earthquake insurance will do the trick.

1. Your current homeowners or renters insurance policy DOES NOT cover everything.

Structural damages and broken personal property resulting from an earthquake are most likely not covered by your homeowners or renters insurance polices. Earthquake insurance is its own separate policy, which means you will need this additional policy’s coverages to protect your home.

2. Earthquake insurance might not be as expensive as your think.

There is an assumption that earthquake insurance is always expensive, but that is not always the case. There are various factors that go into determining the amount of a policy. It never hurts to get a rate to see what you are working with. You should talk to your local insurance agent to learn more about the many policy options and fine out an accurate rate an earthquake policy would cost for you.

3. It is easy to get.

It may seem like another complicated insurance policy, but you don’t have to jump through hoops to get an adequate earthquake policy. With the help of your insurance agent, and their reference to your current home insurance policy, working up a quote and getting a policy into effect take a minimal amount of time.

4. Federal and state governments can only help you so much after an earthquake hits.

If an earthquake hits, and it is declared a disaster, FEMA will help in an evacuation and recovery effort. They may also provide access to disaster aid funs, however there are no guarantees you will have access to that money and how much it will cover if you do. It is always good to have your home protected with its own policy.

5. There will be more earthquakes in the future.

Living in California it is not a matter of if, but when an earthquake will occur. Some will be big, others small. But either way it is good to be prepared and protect your house from any potential damages.



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