6 Ways to Boost Morale While Working from Home

Feb 18, 2021


6 Ways to Boost Morale While Working from Home
While remote working is older than COVID-19, the number of employees working from home with the help of virtual technology has soared during the pandemic. The trend is likely to continue post-COVID-19, considering the potential benefits of having a remote workforce, such as enhanced productivity. However, remote working has its own set of challenges, including anxiety and stress, according to a recent Qualtrics study. Therefore, organizations need to find ways to boost the morale of their employees working from home to help them perform at optimal levels. Read on to learn how businesses and their employees can uplift the mood in their remote work environments to boost productivity.

1. Maintain Inter-Staff Connections

The fact that your employees are not working from the same physical location shouldn't hinder lively engagements and communication. Make it possible for your staff and management to regularly check in on each other. When workers stay connected and communicate with each other, it can gradually enhance their performance. It also improves the flow of information necessary for the timely completion of assignments.

2. Set Goals to Boost Morale

One of the reasons remote employees may have low morale is the monotonous tasks and immeasurable outcomes they face every day. Therefore, boosting morale among work-from-home staff requires that you set clear and trackable goals for everyone. Each employee should understand the role they play to achieve measurable goals. In turn, they're more likely to appreciate the value of their participation in your company's operations, which boosts their morale.

3. Recognize Excellent Performers

Instant rewards and words of acknowledgment, such as "thank you" or "good job," can help keep well-performing remote workers in high spirits. You can start by implementing formal recognition programs to acknowledge personnel doing exemplary work in your organization. Such acknowledgment motivates staff to stay highly engaged, and it also makes your company attractive to top talent.

4. Leisure Time is Vital

If you work from home, you bear a reasonable level of responsibility for your performance and morale. One way to keep your spirits high is to take advantage of the weekends and evenings and maintain regular work hours. In other words, don't work 24/7 just because you have a home office or business. Have fun times with your family, watch a movie, exercise, and enjoy any leisure activity as you would if you commuted to a physical workplace.

5. Leverage Feedback

If you're an employer, be sure to regularly ask for your employees' feedback. It shows that you're paying attention to your team and value everyone's suggestions and opinions. However, be sure to listen, understand, and implement the employee feedback you receive. It's one of the most effective ways to increase the morale of your remote working staff.

6. Join Virtual Support Forums

Virtual support groups are an excellent platform for networking with your peers or discussing work-related matters in an informal setting. There are numerous online tools that let employees interact when not working. As an employer, you may want to offer your remote workers chat or video conferencing platforms where they can informally consult each other or relieve anxiety by virtually sharing workplace banter. These are some of the effective ways to boost the morale of employees working from home to increase their productivity. Our highly trained agents at Peakes Insurance Agency understand the subtle nuances that are involved in both home and commercial business insurance policies. They are able to evaluate your home insurance policy and help you determine whether or not you need additional coverage to protect any business assets you may have at your home. Contact us today!