Homeowners, Beware These Common Causes of Electrical Fires

Feb 14, 2019

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Homeowners, Beware These Common Causes of Electrical Fires

Watch out for these electrical fire risks in your home.

Fires are among the most devastating peril that a homeowner can face. This is why it's so important to do everything in your power to reduce your household fire risks. Some of the most common causes of fire are actually electrical in nature.  To protect your property and loved ones, watch out for these common electrical fire risks in your home.

  • Faulty Appliances

    Many electrical fires are caused by old or outdated appliances.  Oftentimes, fires start on the cord of the appliance or within the appliance itself.  To reduce your fire risk, you should be sure to never use appliances with broken cords or loose receptacles. If you are no longer confident in a certain appliance's safety, then it's probably best to replace it completely.

  • Mismanaged Light Fixtures

    Another common cause of electrical fires is the inappropriate installation of high-wattage light bulbs. This normally occurs when homeowners install bulbs that are too powerful into their lamps and lighting fixtures. To reduce this fire risk, make sure you always check the specifications of your home's various lamps and lighting fixtures to ensure that you are using the right bulbs.

  • Misused Extension Cords

    Finally, improper use of extension cords is also a common cause of electrical fires. For instance, fires can result from running a cord underneath a rug or from plugging too many things into a cord at the same time.  Ultimately, extension cords are not a safe, permanent solution for your home's power needs. If you want to protect your home from fire, then speak to an electrician about installing additional power outlets in your home.

These are some of the most common electrical fire risks in your home. Want another way to keep your home safe? Then make sure you have the right homeowner's insurance protections in place. For assistance with all your coverage needs, contact the experts at John E. Peakes Insurance Agency to get started today.