How to Get Your Homeowners Insurance to Cover a New Roof

Oct 19, 2022


How to Get Your Homeowners Insurance to Cover a New Roof

Roof repairs are often regarded as an unpleasant business. Add to that the high replacement costs. However, as a part of homeowners insurance, some insurance companies may pay for roof replacement as aging, leaky roofs with mold could potentially endanger your family. All you have to do now is brace yourself for the lengthy and distressing claims procedure, which may or may not become easier depending on your insurer. Let's look at some strategies for convincing your insurance provider to fund the cost of roof replacement under your homeowners insurance.

Examine Your Policy

You should first check your homeowners insurance to see if your coverage covers roof repairs at all. Some insurance companies do not cover them so you might be out of luck. However, if things aren't obvious in the small print, you can contact your insurer straight away to receive the specifics.

Take Pictures of the Damage to the Roof

Even if your roof isn't currently damaged, it's still a good idea to take pictures of it for storage since you might need them in the future to show the insurance company so they can compare the damage to your property with the new pictures of the roof. Producing pictures of the damage to your roof may even help persuade your insurer to pay for a roof replacement in full.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection Done

Providing documentation of what your roof requires to your insurance company may help to expedite the claims process for your roof replacement. A professional roofing contractor could produce this documentation. It's also possible that your insurer will send one of their own inspectors to evaluate the damage done to your roof. Make sure to get in touch with the insurance provider to find out what needs to be done.

Verify the Age of Your Roof

The amount the insurance company is willing to pay for roof replacement is directly proportional to the roof’s age. Roofs that are less than a decade old are frequently fully covered. Hence, it becomes very crucial to have a professional roofing contractor also verify the age of your roof when an inspection is being done.

Seek Professional Opinion & Request an Estimate

During the inspection, it might be a good idea to ask the roofing contractors for a professional opinion on whether to get some minor repairs or get a full replacement and get an estimate on the cost of the same. Your insurer may expect you to provide some numbers, so make sure you are prepared.

Fulfill the Claim

If all of the preceding steps were followed correctly, your insurer should have no trouble recognizing your claim. It's just a matter of providing any information they require and following through on all updates, and you'll be one step closer to hiring an official contractor for the job.

Cover Your New Roof with John E. Peakes Insurance Agency

If your homeowners insurance policy covers your roof, filing a claim to cover the costs of roof repairs or replacements should be simple. Get in touch with our experts here at John E. Peakes Insurance Agency right away to obtain the best homeowners insurance coverage that is tailored to your specific needs.