Why Professional Liability Insurance Is Crucial For Personal Trainers

Jun 19, 2017

Gym Insurance

Why Professional Liability Insurance Is Crucial For Personal Trainers
Your personal training business is growing fast - great! You are getting more clients and packing your schedule full. As a personal business owner there is so much to think about, getting more clients and making sure they are satisfied, it is easy to forget the important things that are protecting your business versus growing your business. But Professional Liability Insurance is just as important for business owners, and personal trainers are no exception. The following are reasons why professional liability insurance for personal trainers is crucial to their business:
  1. Protection for your business:
    • What happens if after a session a client calls to tell you they are now injured and they are blaming you for their injury and threatening a lawsuit? Professional liability insurance offers coverage for a situation such as this one.
  2. Avoiding financial consequences of a lawsuit:
    • Should a client get injured and blame the injury on your training, even if it is not your fault, you could be held responsible and find yourself in a lawsuit. This means you and your business could suffer financial paying for lawyers and trying to defend yourself. A professional liability policy will pay for an attorney to defend you and it will cover any damages awarded to your client for his/her injuries.
  3. Getting a professional liability policy is not only smart, it's easy!
    • The talented agents at John E. Peakes Insurance Agency will help you understand all the types of coverages that will protect your business and create a policy specific to your business' needs. Call one of our agents today at 800-800-5199 or visit us online for a free insurance quote!