Do You Have The Right California Pilates Insurance?

Jun 06, 2017

Business Insurance

Do You Have The Right California Pilates Insurance?
Owning your own business comes with many benefits, but it can also come with some added stresses. And this is no different for a Pilates studio owner, which is why California Pilates Insurance is vital to your business. A Pilates studio is a great place to get in shape, strengthen, tone and increase flexibility without a lot of major impact on the body. And a Pilates trainer's job is to help you achieve all your fitness goals, but it also comes with some risks. As the Pilates studio business owner, you should be concerned with possible bodily injuries or accidents that could occur during a workout, liabilities from the building, equipment and legal liabilities you could potentially face. California Pilates insurance is an important part of the business owner's responsibilities, as it protects you and your business against a variety of risks. The following is a breakdown of how California Pilates insurance can help protect you and your business: General Liability Insurance: This is the most basic type of insurance for your Pilates studio as it protects against various types of liabilities, including those related to the products of the studio, the studio premises, and liabilities that may occur after the members have left your studio.
  • Products Liability: Any time your Pilates studio sells products, such as clothing items, mats, water bottles etc you should protect your business with products liability insurance. If a member gets an illness or has an accident as a results of purchasing or trying one of your products, you could be could be held responsible.
  • Premises Liability: If you have a member that has an accident on the premises, like tripping over a machine and breaking a bone, or have any other type of accident on the premises, this particular liability will offer coverage.
  • Complete Operations: Any type of bodily injury, harm or illness that a member gets after leaving your studio and claims it was from your services could mean that you are held responsible. Complete operations coverage is a part of your general liability and can help cover these damages.
Pilates Studio Business Owners Policy (BOP): A Business Owners Policy, is a comprehensive packaged policy that combines different coverages into one package. One of our talented agents can help you personalize your BOP to include coverages for risks you feel that your Pilates studio may potentially face. This not only includes liability coverages, but also coverages for the building, the contents inside the building, electronic data, employee dishonesty, valuable paperwork and so much more. Workers Compensation: If you have at least one employee than you need workers compensation. This offers coverage for employees in the case of an occupational illness or injury. For example, if one of your instructors get injured while performing an exercise during a class, their medical expenses will be covered by workers compensation. It is not only important to protect yourself, but the business you have worked so hard for. Call one of our John E. Peakes Insurance Agency agents today to help you create a plan that will protect your business and give you  peace of mind - 800-800-5199.