My CA Homeowners Insurance Can Cover That?!

We are always hearing about things that AREN’T cover by your CA insurance, but why not hear about the items, instances, and events that ARE covered by CA insurance, especially when its about CA homeowners insurance.

The following are a few circumstances, that if they happened to you, your family, or your home would be covered under your CA homeowners insurance policy.

The Sky Is Falling– Most homeowners insurance policies have “open perils” policies, which means you are protected from anything that isn’t specifically excluded. Damage that come from “falling objects”, including stuff that falls from the sky, is usually covered.

Crooks– If you are robbed or burglarized, your home insurance may cover up to $1,500 for any reward money you offer for information if it leads to a conviction.

Tombstone Pranks- If this happens to one of your loved one’s headstone, the cost to fix or replace it could be covered by your CA homeowners insurance policy. This includes if the stone is chipped, cracked or needs complete replacement.

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