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3 Common Car Insurance Misconceptions

Don’t buy into these car insurance myths. Anyone who has gone through the process of securing auto insurance in Lancaster, California knows just how confusing the process can be.  The last thing that you need is for misconceptions to complicate things further.  To ensure that you don’t buy into car insurance myths, here are some of the most common ones

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Why Auto Insurers Review Your Claims History

How your past claims affect your future auto insurance rates. When you apply for new auto insurance in Lancaster, California, the insurer will consider different factors before determining your rate.  One of the things that they will pay particular attention to is your claims history.  But why exactly do your old claims affect your current insurance cost?  Here’s what you

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Steps to Take After Getting into an Accident with an Uninsured Driver

What to do after an accident with an uninsured motorist. It’s no secret that dealing with an auto accident is a hassle and finding out that the other driver doesn’t have insurance only makes things worse.  Luckily, if you have the right auto insurance in Lancaster, California, then you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered. 

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Things to Understand When Shopping for Auto Insurance for the First Time

Here are some of the things that first-time auto insurance shoppers need to know. If it’s your first time shopping for auto insurance in Ventura, California, you might be overwhelmed by all the carriers and coverage options out there. However, understanding key pieces of information can actually make the process of securing car coverage a bit easier. Here are some

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What to Look for When Reviewing Your Insurance for the New Year

What you should focus on during your annual insurance review. The start of the New Year offers a great opportunity to review your various insurance policies and make changes to prepare for the coming year. But what exactly should you be focusing on when reviewing and updating your policies? Here are some of the areas you should look at during

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What Happens When I Cancel My Car Insurance Policy?

How will cancelling your auto insurance affect you in the future? When car owners have to cancel their auto policy before their term is up, many express concerns about how their cancellation will affect their ability to secure car insurance in the future. Luckily, if your cancellation is made for a legitimate reason, you don’t really have to worry. Here’s

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Suggestions to Care for Your Car This October

October is Fall Car Care Month. As we move deeper into fall, it’s important to ensure that your car is ready to handle the fall and winter weather conditions that are headed our way. Not sure what to do to adequately prepare your car this season? Here are some of the maintenance and preparation tips you should employ this Fall

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Breaking Down What Roadside Assistance Covers

Here’s why all drivers can benefit from securing roadside assistance insurance. As a responsible driver, you probably already have standard auto insurance in Lancaster, California in place. However, there are other optional coverages you should consider adding to your policy. For instance, roadside assistance coverage is something every motorist can benefit from. But what is roadside assistance and why is

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Insurance that Your College Student Needs

Learn which types of coverage your college kid will need. If your child is heading off to college this fall, it’s important to make sure they are prepared for anything that comes their way. The best way to ensure that they are ready and protected is with the proper insurance coverage. Here are some of the insurance protections your college

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