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How to Protect Your Gym from Cyber Criminals

Take these steps to protect your gym from a cyber attack. If you own a gym or fitness studio, you have probably done everything in your power to create a safe environment for your trainers, members, and clients. However, have you taken steps to protect your business against cyber crime? If not, you could be setting yourself up for hundreds

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What Should You Do After Becoming a Personal Trainer?

Steps to take after becoming a certified personal trainer. After all of the hard work you’ve put into studying for and passing your personal trainer examination, you may not know what to do next. From making important business decisions to securing the proper insurance, here are some steps that new personal trainers should take. Determine the Direction of Your Business

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Guarantee the Health and Wellness of Your Gym with the Right Insurance

Protect your gym or fitness center with the right insurance coverage. If you run a gym, then your business is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of your clients. But what about the health and wellness of your business? The best way to protect against the various liability risks that your gym faces is with the proper commercial coverages.

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Why CrossFit Instructors Need Insurance

Here’s why CrossFit instructions need insurance protection. If you are a certified CrossFit instructor, trainer, or coach, then you have committed yourself to helping people reach their fitness goals. However, it’s no secret that your job carries some risks. Whether you are an independent instructor or work for a larger fitness institution, it’s important that you safeguard against these risks

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Hidden Risks of Owning a Gym

Watch out for these risks that come along with owning your own fitness center. Unfortunately, risk is part of owning your own fitness center. Even the best run gyms are vulnerable due to the nature of their business. Luckily, understanding your risks can help you avoid them. Here are some of the risks that gym-owners need to be wary of.

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Do You Need Spin Class Instructor Insurance?

Learn about the types of insurance coverage that spin class instructors need. Due to the fast-moving, aerobic nature of indoor stationary bicycle riding, spin instructors and spinning gyms need to make sure that they have the right protections in place. Luckily, having the right insurance coverage can help spin instructors protect themselves from a variety of risks. Here’s what you

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Why Professional Liability Insurance Is Crucial For Personal Trainers

Your personal training business is growing fast – great! You are getting more clients and packing your schedule full. As a personal business owner there is so much to think about, getting more clients and making sure they are satisfied, it is easy to forget the important things that are protecting your business versus growing your business. But Professional Liability

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