Find out what commercial umbrella insurance can do to protect your business.

If you run a small business, then you probably already have standard commercial coverages in place. But did you know that even with this insurance coverage, your business might still be at risk? This is because your business’s liability insurance might have gaps in its coverage. If you want to address these gaps and get your business the comprehensive liability coverage that it needs, invest in commercial umbrella insurance.

What is it?

Commercial umbrella insurance is a type of policy that provides excess liability coverage for businesses. This coverage tends to kick in when a particularly extensive claim exceeds the coverage limits of your standard liability policy. For instance, imagine that a customer injures himself or herself while on your business’s premises. This would likely result in a serious liability issue for your business. If the cost of the claim exceeded the coverage limits on your other liability policies, then commercial umbrella insurance would step in and cover the remaining cost of the claim.

Do I really need it?

Commercial umbrella insurance is not a mandatory type of coverage, however, many business owners consider it an essential policy to have. This is because umbrella insurance is the best way to ensure that their businesses have the comprehensive liability coverage that they need. If you want to ensure that your business is adequately protected, you should seriously consider investing in commercial umbrella coverage today.

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