3 Out of the Box Home Security Strategies

Secure your home with these unexpected ideas.

Homeowners are responsible for protecting their homes and property from vandals and burglars.  While investing in a good security system is an excellent way to safeguard your home, there are other, less conventional precautions that you can take as well.  Secure your home with these unexpected ideas.

1) Keep Your Car Keys by Your Bed

If you have a spare car key, consider keeping it on your bedside table.  This way, if you hear a disturbance or if your security system notifies you of unusual activity around your home, then you can activate your car’s panic button.  The sudden alarm will startle the burglars and likely make them run away before they can do any real damage to your home.

2) Inspect Window Repair Work

If you are having your windows repaired or replaced by an independent company, then make sure that you check them over carefully after the repair person leaves.  Some workers have been known to leave windows open or make them easily breakable so an accomplice can gain access to the home later.

3) Replace Doors with Letter Slots

Doors with letter slots are common in older homes.  While you might like this charming feature, letter slots in your front door can pose a security risk.  If you do not want to give burglars an easy way to break into your home, then replace your front door with one that does not feature a letter slot.  If you can’t part with this feature, then make sure that the door you choose has a letter slot at the base or no more than a quarter of the way up.

Secure your home with these unexpected ideas.  Want another way to protect your home?  Then make sure you have the right homeowners insurance in place.  For assistance with all your home coverage needs, contact the experts at John E. Peakes Insurance Agency today.

By John E. Peakes Insurance Agency

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