8 Questions To Ask Before Buying California Auto Insurance

When looking into purchasing California auto insurance, it is important to make sure the coverage you choose reflects your needs, priorities and your budget. You will want to work with your local agent to determine how you use your car, what risks you face and what option you want from your insurance company.

The following are 8 questions to consider when you are getting ready to shop for your California auto insurance:

1. How much is your car worth to you?

If you are driving a new car, or one that you have a special attachment to, you will want to get the fullest range of insurance. This not only includes liability, but also includes collision, comprehensive coverage and possibly glass coverage. On the other hand, if you drive an old vehicle that is not worth much to you, and if you were in an accident you would replace it with a new vehicle, you might consider purchasing only liability and saving money with a lower premium.

2. How much do you drive?

Are you commuting to and from your work every day? Or is you vehicle used strictly for pleasure use? Make sure your policy accurately reflects the amount of miles you drive a year. This will ensure adequate coverage and the right premium based on your mileage.

3. Will you be using your car for work?

If you use your car not just to commute to work and back, but also to perform work taks, commercial auto insurance is a necessity. A personal auto policy will not provide coverage if you deliver pizzas, drive as a courier, or use your car for other commercial activities. Also keep in mind, if you are driving for a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft, you will need to get additional rideshare insurance coverage onto your policy.

4. What car do you drive?

Part of your overall premium is based on the particular car you drive. A flashy sports car with a powerful engine may be likely to get stolen and cost a lot for body work than a mid-sized sedan. If your car has the latest safety technology and record, you may receive a discount.

5. Where is your car garaged?

Where you live will impact your insurance rates. For example, cars garaged in big cities might see a higher premium that cars parked in the country or small towns.

6. Who else will be driving the car?

Generally, your car insurance policy will cover occasional drivers. However, if other drivesr live in your house and use your car, they need to be listed on your insurance policy. And depending on their driving experience and driving record, it could effect your premium.

7. What are your legal obligations?

In California, every driver had to legally carry a minimum of 15/30/5 liability limits. However, these limits are very low, so to be safe, you will probably want to increase them to obtain higher coverage.

8. Is your car financed or lease?

If you still owe money on your car, or it is leased, most likely you are required to carry certain liability limits. These limits are usually higher than the state minimum. You may also be interested in adding gap coverage onto your policy if the vehicle is a recent purchase.

Once you have looked at your needs for auto insurance you will be prepared to make an informed decision about the policy that is right for you. To get a free quote today, call one of our talented agents at John E. Peakes insurance Agency today! 800-800-5199

By John E. Peakes Insurance Agency

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