The Importance of Regular Premium Audit for Business Insurance

When you purchase a tailor-made commercial insurance policy, the insurance company will typically calculate premiums as an estimate of the exposure base. More specifically, you will have to predict changes that may occur in your business aspects such as payroll, cash flow, liability exposure, and sales, from which a suitable premium amount will be determined. Read More

Why Should Your Business Be Cyber Resilient in a COVID-19 World?

According to a recent report, the FBI’s Cyber Division cautioned that the number of cybersecurity complaints it received daily increased to about 4000 in the COVID-19 world from 1000 before the pandemic. More businesses are conducting business remotely, which attracts cybercriminals who use advanced tactics to remotely breach information systems and steal personal data or Read More

How Small Businesses Can Manage Email Security

Email security is essential for small business to protect their sensitive information and access to important files. If your company’s email is not secured and encrypted, hackers can use your valuable data, including financial statements, employees’ banking details, and more. To avoid these risks, make sure your company’s email is secured. Here are some email Read More

3 Useful Tips for Small Businesses to Get More Reviews

Reviews can influence which websites or businesses show up on search engines when people search for businesses like yours. Most small businesses rely on reviews to boost their search engine rankings, promote their website, and reach out to their customers. Here are a few tips to get more reviews for your small business: 1. Accept Read More

A Simple Guide to Umbrella Insurance for Small Businesses

Every business owner knows that buying insurance is essential for safeguarding your company. However, if you think there is a possibility that your coverage amount may not be sufficient to cover your losses, consider signing up for umbrella insurance for complete protection. How Does Umbrella Insurance Work? In certain situations, your existing policy may not Read More

4 Claim Mistakes That Small Business Owners Should Avoid

Nurturing a business requires a lot of patience, hard work, and love. Natural disasters, fires, or accidents can hurt your business and lead to significant financial losses. In such cases, getting a fair claim payout is important to cover your costs. Avoid these 4 common insurance claim mistakes that small business owners make to get Read More

Preventing Common Insurance Claims at Your Business

How to prevent common business insurance claims. As a business owner, you know that you are subject to certain types of risk.  This is why it’s so important to have the right commercial insurance in place.  However, your coverage should be used as a last resort.  To prevent common business insurance claims, here are some Read More

Essential Insurance Policies Your Startup Needs

Most important types of commercial coverage for new businesses. If you have just launched your company, then you need to protect your investment.  One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is by securing the right business insurance.  But which types of coverage should you prioritize?  Here are some of the most important types Read More

Do You Need General Liability Insurance in Lancaster, CA?

What you need to know about securing this important commercial coverage for your business. If you want to start your own business, you may be wondering about your commercial insurance requirements.  Well, aside from workers compensation insurance, businesses are not legally required to carry most forms of commercial coverage.  However, this does not mean that Read More