6 Reasons Why Your Home Insurance May Be Canceled in Ventura

Maintaining a home insurance policy is the only way you will be able to repair or rebuild your home without having to pay out of pocket. There are reasons, however, that may cause your insurance provider to cancel your policy. Understanding what those reasons are will help you take appropriate action that will allow you Read More

Are Flooded Basements Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Accounting for around 90% of all natural disasters that happen in the U.S., flooding is by far the most common type of natural disaster in the U.S., with about 20% of flooding occurring in low and moderate-risk areas, as reported by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). For this reason, flooded basements are a common Read More

Save on Home Insurance in Lancaster, CA with These Upgrades

Unlock home insurance discounts by making these security upgrades. If you want to lower the cost of your homeowners insurance in Lancaster, CA, you have some options.  For instance, you can lower your premiums by reducing your risks for common types of insurance claims.  By being proactive and making these safety upgrades to your property, Read More

Why Renters Insurance in Lancaster, CA is Essential

Reasons why you can’t afford to skip out on renters insurance. If you are renting a home or an apartment, then you might think that you can get away with not having insurance.  However, this isn’t the case.  While it’s true that your landlord is responsible for insuring the physical structure of your rental property, Read More

What Your Home Insurance Covers When It Comes to Internal Damage

Standard home insurance and coverage for internal damages. As a homeowner, you know that your insurance offers coverage for sudden, unexpected perils such as storms and theft.  However, can your policy also protect against damages that occur inside your home?  Here’s what you need to know about your home insurance and coverage for internal damages. Read More

Why You Need Earthquake Insurance for Your Home

Protecting your home from earthquakes. As a California homeowner, you know that your risk for earthquake damages are high.  Unfortunately, your standard homeowners insurance in Lancaster, California, won’t offer coverage for any damages related to an earthquake.  So how do you get the protection you need?  This is where specialty earthquake insurance comes in; here’s Read More

Expensive Home Insurance Claims in Ventura, California

Ventura homeowners, watch out for these costly claim events. As a homeowner, you probably understand that filing a claim will result in your homeowners insurance in Ventura, California, becoming more expensive.  However, what many homeowners do not know is that certain types of claims will actually cause their rates to increase more drastically than others.  Read More

Lancaster Homeowners, Watch Out for These Common Holiday Insurance Claims

Be on the lookout for these common holiday home perils. For most people, the holidays are all about celebrating and spending time with friends and family.  Unfortunately, if you own a home, then it’s important to know that you face certain risks during this time of year.  If you do not want your festivities to Read More

Protecting Your Home from Wildfires in Lancaster

What you can do to reduce your home’s wildfire risk. If you own a home in California, then you know that wildfire damage is a very real threat.  While having the right homeowners insurance in Lancaster, California, is one way to protect your home, there are other steps that you can take as well.  Here’s Read More