What to Consider When Buying Earthquake Insurance in Lancaster, California

An earthquake is devasting, especially in states that are prone to having them. Sadly, earthquake insurance is not easy to come by. If you are shopping for coverage, begin with your current homeowners or renters’ insurance company. Most insurance companies do not pay for damages as a result of earthquakes. Not many standard homeowners policies Read More

Why You Need Earthquake Insurance for Your Home

Protecting your home from earthquakes. As a California homeowner, you know that your risk for earthquake damages are high.  Unfortunately, your standard homeowners insurance in Lancaster, California, won’t offer coverage for any damages related to an earthquake.  So how do you get the protection you need?  This is where specialty earthquake insurance comes in; here’s Read More

5 Reasons Why You Need California Earthquake Insurance

Just 6 days ago, a magnitude 4.2 earthquake was among a series of smaller tremblers that stuck the Ojai, California, area. Luckily, there were no major reports of damages or injuries as a result of the earthquake. The quakes definitely serve as a reminder to all of us that earthquake insurance is a must if Read More