Hotel Insurance Claims: What to Do When Your Guests Go Wild

As a hotel owner, you have most likely invested substantially in your property. Therefore, you must insure your investment. What do you do when one of your guests checks out, and your employees inform you that they caused significant damage during their stay? Do you bill the cost of damage to the guest’s credit card? Read More

Why Do You Need an Umbrella Policy If You Already Have Car Insurance?

Anyone who drives needs auto insurance to comply with state regulations. Some drivers need more coverage than others due to increased risks, such as drivers who go on long commutes and vacations. An umbrella policy is one way to gain extra coverage at an affordable price. How an Umbrella Policy Works The two main components Read More

A Guide to Help Review Your Options for Flood Insurance in CA

Floods can happen anywhere, not just in places where there is a well-documented history of flooding. Due to the unpredictability of weather, every homeowner and business owner should have some kind of flood insurance in CA. According to FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), flooding is the most common type of natural disaster in the Read More

Xchange Leasing and Rideshare Insurance

What is Xchange Leasing? Xchange leasing is a leasing option administered by Uber. It offers different leasing options that other leasing companies do. Xchange drivers, who participate for at least 30 days, are able to return their car with only two weeks notice and limited costs. it also allows for unlimited mileage and the option Read More