How Small Businesses Can Manage Email Security

Email security is essential for small business to protect their sensitive information and access to important files. If your company’s email is not secured and encrypted, hackers can use your valuable data, including financial statements, employees’ banking details, and more. To avoid these risks, make sure your company’s email is secured.

Here are some email security tipsfor your business that will save you from cyber-attacks:

1. Set a Strong Password

Make sure to set a strong password for your company’s email account. Do not use your family members’ names, pet name, or your birth date as a password. Use a random string of numbers, numerals, and special characters.

2. Encrypt Every Email

Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, or any mail provider, make sure to encrypt every outgoing email from your account. Most of them have inbuilt encryption, but you can use additional encryption techniques as well. Setting a two-step authentication for your account, like a one-time-password (OTP) to your phone, is also a recommended measure to protect your emails.

3. Use VPNs

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are especially useful when you have employees working remotely. Most public Wi-Fi services in hotels or cafes are subject to hacking, but a VPN assures that your email is not hacked, allowing you to work safely on any Wi-Fi connection.

4. Detect and Avoid Suspicious Email

If you get a mail from an unknown email address, there’s a possibility it can be a phishing mail. A suspicious email may include threatening language, spelling errors, or links to unknown websites.

Always scan everything before you download and never use your official ID for personal uses. Make sure to delete any unwanted emails. These practices can bring down email attacks considerably.

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