If your teen is planning a long-distance driving road trip this summer, their safety should be your main priority.  While protecting them with the right auto insurance in Lancaster, California is one way to ensure their safety; there are other steps that you should take as well.  Here are some of the long-distance driving safety measures and tips that you should pass onto your teen driver.

  • Take Frequent Breaks While Long Distance Driving

While all drivers should take breaks when they are driving for long periods of time, teen drivers require even more frequent breaks. For instance, while an experienced driver can get away with only taking breaks every two to three hours, teens should take a break about every hour or so. Taking breaks allows drivers to stretch their legs, rest their eyes, and take a mental break from the extreme concentration that driving requires. Ultimately, taking frequent breaks will help teen drivers stay relaxed and focused while they are behind the wheel.

  • Stay Alert While Long Distance Driving

Oftentimes, when traveling long distances, drivers can zone out.  This makes them more likely to miss a driving hazard and get into an accident.  With this in mind, it’s vital that your teen comes up with ways to remain focused on the road.  Because younger drivers are more prone to distractions, they shouldn’t listen to audiobooks or play music too loudly.  However, this does not mean music is a completely bad idea.  Playing fun, energetic music at a moderate volume is a great way for teens to stay engaged while driving.  Just warn your teen not to turn the volume up too loud as this could drown out the sounds of an oncoming siren, a warning honk, and so on.

  • Set a Driving Schedule Before Long Distance Driving

Before your teen leaves on their road trip, make sure that you know their planned driving route and work with them to organize their driving schedule.  For instance, you should know how far your teen intends to drive every day, where they will stay overnight, and any attractions they plan to check out.  This way you know where your child is without having to call or text them while they are on the road.  Knowing your teen’s schedule will ensure that you can help the authorities find your teen if you lose contact with them or if they encounter an emergency situation.

These are some of the safety measures that you should pass onto your teen for their long-distance drive.  Remember, having the right auto insurance in Lancaster, California is another way to keep your teen driver safe, no matter how far they are traveling.  Need help securing the right auto coverage?  If so, then contact the experts at John E. Peakes Insurance Agency.  We are ready to get you the coverage that you need today.

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