3 Ways to Keep Connections Alive in Times of Social Distancing

The shift to remote work has forced us to modify our daily routines. While technology has played a great role in helping us stay connected, we need to work a little harder at keeping connections alive. Here are some ideas that will help you stay social while practicing social distancing.

Leverage Social Media

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have already bridged the gap in helping you stay connected with friends and family. By programming your feeds to show more of their updates, you can stay social and up-to-date on what’s happening in their lives. Additionally, joining online communities of people with common interests, needs, and passions can help you socialize during social distancing.

Tap into Video Conference Tools

Video conferencing on platforms like Google Meet and Hangout has opened up a whole world of possibilities. While it’s important to make use of them to speak to your colleagues and customers for official meetings, you can also be social by hosting casual events like online lunches and celebrations to boost morale.

You can also use these platforms to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and reunions with extended family, school mates, and people you haven’t met in a long time.

Stay Connected at Work

Use tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams to schedule meetings and tasks and communicate thoughtfully with your team. Sharing regular updates and engaging on LinkedIn is a great way to build professional networks and invest in personal branding at no cost. Make sure you stick to a routine and log in at a fixed time every day. This can also help bring in the much-needed work-life balance.

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