5 Tips to Unplug and Connect With Your Family During COVID- 19

Being home with your family during a global pandemic might seem like a blessing. But in our internet-driven world, you might find it difficult to leave your devices behind and bond with your family. So, how do you reconnect with a loved one? Here are five ways to unplug and connect with your family.

1. Schedule No-Phone Time Slots

Put your devices away and engage in lively conversations. No-phone time slots will ensure that you keep your phone at a different place while you are talking to your family members.

2. Schedule Family Activities

Play board games or conduct a family quiz. You can arrange a movie night with snacks for your entire family. You can plan these activities at regular intervals to get together and have fun as a family.

3. Do Your Chores Together

With the entire family staying in, you can do all your chores together and make it fun! Do a potluck where every family member can cook or convert mowing the lawn a family affair.

4. Spend Time with Each Member

While you are all home, find activities that you love and do it together. It could be as simple as getting groceries with your daughter or gardening with your son!

5. Motivate Each Other to Stay Positive

A family exercise session is great to uplift your mood and rejuvenate your mind. Listen to a family member who is having a tough time and help them through these uncertain days.

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