What Does My California Business Owner’s Policy Cover?

California Business Owner’s policies (BOP) vary from business to business, which is why it is important for business owners to know what their specific business owner’s policy will cover. Although each BOP is tailored to the specific business, there are a few items that are covered in almost all California Business Owner’s Policy and then there are many additional items that can be covered based on the individual business’s needs.

So what are the standard coverage options on a business owner’s policy?

  • Property insurance, which covers the building you are working in and the property inside it.
  • Business interruption, which protects you from a loss of income from a catastrophe that disrupts the business.
  • Liability insurance that helps you if there is an accident in your business that affects a customer. Liability insurance covers a company’s responsibility for any potential harm it could cause to others.

As previously mentioned, not every business is the same, which is why each business owner’s policy is customized to the specific business. Some additional types of coverage options that can be included in your policy are:

  • Cyber Insurance – mitigates your risk of a data breach, extortion liability and other network related risks
  • EPLI Insurance – protects in the event an employee files a legal suit against you or your business
  • Flood Insurance
  • Crime Insurance

There are certain types of coverage options that cannot be included in a business owner’s policy, which means they require their own separate policy. This includes Commercial Auto Insurance as well as Workers Compensation Insurance.

If you are interested in finding out if a Business Owner’s Policy is right for you, or if you have any questions regarding Commercial Insurance in general, call one of our talented Commercial Insurance Agents today at 800-800-5199. Our agents are here to help you in the right direction with all your insurance needs.


By John E. Peakes Insurance Agency

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