Flood Insurance

Even though water is life, floods continue to be the nation’s number one natural disaster, devastating communities and businesses. Despite popular belief, standard homeowners insurance policies will not provide you with coverage against floods. Fortunately, this protection can be purchased as a separate policy to safeguard your assets and wallet from flood damage.

While California may not be known for its heavy rainfall, take note that flooding can occur anywhere. Even so, many property owners remain unprepared. Rainstorms rarely give much warning and a flood insurance policy often takes 30 days to come into effect – so don’t leave securing protection to the last minute!

Flood Insurance CA

Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood insurance coverage

Flood insurance protects two types of insurable property:

  1. Building: 
    The insured building and its foundation
    The electrical and plumbing system
    Central air condition equipment, furnaces, and water heaters
    Refrigerators, cooking stoves, and built-in appliances
    Permanently installed flooring
  2. Contents:
    Clothing, furniture, electronic equipment
    Portable and window air conditioners
    Carpeting (which is not already included in property coverage)
    Clothing washers and dryers
Flood insurance coverage
flood insurance in california

There are multiple options for your flood insurance in California:

flood insurance in california
  • Building, contents, replacement cost
  • Standard flood insurance coverage
  • Optional excess flood insurance
  • Affordable rates to suit your budget

Flooding by heavy rain and thunderstorms are beyond our control. It is important to plan for the worst-case scenario. Peakes Insurance invites you to secure the peace of mind to ensure your home not left out in the storm unprotected. Call us today on 800-800-5199 for more information on how to obtain flood insurance for your property.

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