Home Insurance for Smoke and Ash Damage from a Wildfire: Know What Is Covered

Jun 15, 2022

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Home Insurance for Smoke and Ash Damage from a Wildfire: Know What Is Covered

Wildfires can cause smoke and soot to come in contact with your property, damaging its structure and contents. It can also create a smoky atmosphere and odor that are harmful to health. Nonetheless, your homeowners insurance may reimburse such losses, depending on your policy type.

Are You Covered for Wildfire-Induced Damages?

Most standard home insurance policies that include fire coverage also protect your home, outbuildings, and belongings from damage caused by smoke and ash. Talk with your insurance agent about how much coverage you need. Be aware that areas with regular wildfires may require more expensive fire, smoke, and ash coverage.

How Is Smoke Damage Compensated?

When smoke and ash cause minor or extensive damage to your home, you can file a claim, and then an insurance adjuster will inspect your property. They may request an inventory list of damaged items. Your insurer will then determine if the damage requires just a clean-up or replacement. If the damage is covered by the policy, you will get a reimbursement check.

How to Clean Smoke and Ash Damage?

Homeowners who unfortunately don't carry the proper coverage for smoke and ash damage can clean the mess up with the following tips:

  • Cleaning ash damage: Cover your face with an N95 mask to avoid breathing in harmful particles. Be sure to use skin and eye protection as well. Use a damp cloth to clean surfaces and a wet mop to clean floors. Only use a vacuum if it has a true HEPA filter.
  • Cleaning smoke damage: Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristled brush attachment to gently clean surfaces degraded by smoke. Then wash hard surfaces with warm soapy water to remove smoky residue. Apply another surface cleaner such as trisodium phosphate (TSP). Spray deodorizer to eliminate odors.

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